A letter….


It’s half past six. The orange sky looks crowded. A blanket of gloom is spread everywhere. The birds are desperately seeking home. A chord of melancholy is struck in the air. I wonder why?

The sun bids good-bye as it slowly descends into the Infinite horizon.

I stand near the shores of Sulthan Bathery like a happy spectator, enjoying the pleasures of the evening (Irony, isn’t it). Well, as I slowly imbibe myself with the ambience, my eyes suddenly fall upon some twinkling lights. These were coming from the far away ships. As it was getting dark, the lights glowed with splendour. As I look at those ships, a gush of memories flow through my head. But I find everything tangled. I try to rearrange the bits and pieces of it only to find a face that is close to my heart.

Babu, my dear friend, whom I haven’t seen for a year now. Though it’s only been a year, I don’t know why I miss him. Some people, I guess are like that. They will leave such strong memories which when revived, gifts the heart with bright rainbows.

Babu, my friend, I know you are somewhere in the middle of a vast ocean. When I heard your voice few months back, I felt really happy. Standing near the shore I wave my hand as hard as possible, hoping that you would see me (I know you can’t, but still hope is all we need I guess). I was happy when you said you would be with me for ‘vishu’, but unfortunately your leave got cancelled. Well I can understand how life is in the ship. Nothing can be predicted.

Babu, do you remember those days when we used to crack jokes and sometimes laugh for no reason during our English classes. I, you and Akshay, we the last benchers would always be in our world, isn’t it.

Yes, there are lots of such beautiful moments. Seena ma’am’s maths class, where we used to sit, wondering why that negative sign has to be on the right and not on the left (though it made no difference!). And that day when you brought coconut water for your chemistry project, but at the end of the day it tasted like toddy. And when Akshay begged for a gulp and drank some of it he started pretending to be high. Ha-ha, so happy he was, isn’t it? Well, there are lots of such moments and if I am to write about it I would end up publishing a novel.

Few months back when I heard your sombre voice, I instantly knew that life at ship was getting tough for you. All I would say is “just hang on buddy”. Remember“success without risk is like triumph without glory”.

I write this blog to tell you that I am there for you, for 12 years I was by you and will be through-out the life. I remember a quote I read a few days ago and it goes like this:

“Someday many years from now

We’ll sit beside the candles glow

And laughing as the memories flow

And when the distant day arrives

I know it will be understood

That friendship is the key to live

And we were friends and it was good”

– Eileen Hehl



2 thoughts on “A letter….

  1. I am very proud of this young & gifted man–presently my student–for his marked grasp & poise



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